Find Your Essence Coaching Program

Find Your Essence within, clarify your values & your purpose in life

Service Description

Find your essence program is designed for those who are done living life at 50%, adapting, struggling to shine their light and true essence. It is for those who want to discover themselves and find their own unique essence, so they can live life on their terms. This coaching program is over 3 months with 2 coaching sessions per months to allow action taking. For those desiring to advance faster, it can be envisaged over 6 weeks to see a transformation in the shorter term. This program will clarify: 1. Your NEEDS (what do you really want in this life) 2. Your current SABOTEURS 3. Your DRIVERS & EMOTIONS 4. Your SKILLS and CAPABILITIES 5. Your VALUES 6. Your PURPOSE & CONTRIBUTION to this world The program includes an introductory assessment session of 1.5h and 6 coaching sessions of 1.5h. The frequency of the sessions is defined with the coachee. Support is being provided by mail/whatsapp during the length of the program.

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