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Humans are very similar to everything that growth in the nature. In order to fully bloom we need to have the right environment and conditions to do so: enough air, sunshine, water and care.

This is not only true for our bodies but also for our minds, hearts and professional potential. In order to not just survive and get through, but truly express our highest potential, peak performance, innovative ideas, care and empathy for ourself and others around us, the environment in which we live personally & professionally is key.

To be able to fully develop and express your qualities, it is important to have an environment in which:

  1. You are listened to and taken into account

  2. Where your opinion matters and you feel free to express them openly without feeling afraid of shaming, finger pointing etc

  3. Where your managers develop you, give you opportunities to develop and further grow your skills

  4. Psychologically you feel safe to speak up, even if your opinions are different from the others

  5. You are giving and receiving feedback in a supportive manner, without feeling afraid of consequences, in a growth mindset culture instead of a fixed mindset culture

  6. Your core values are aligned with those of the others (colleagues, teams, friends..)

  7. You feel respected and inspired to give your best

Take a minute and assess to what extent the environment you are active in ticks most of the elements above.

How much are your growing and developing in your current environment?

What can you do to align your environment with your needs?

Give yourself all the chances to bloom and develop. You deserve it You have so much potential! And the world deserves to see and benefit from your full potential too.

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