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Why it is more important than ever to relax and recenter?

Relaxing and re-centering has never been more important than during these times!

Taking times to go outside in the nature, re connecting with the natural elements, refreshing our bodies and minds, oxygenating ourselves physically and mentally is key.

Spending time outside every day is a must to staying active, healthy and fit on all levels.

During these covid times, when majority of us are still working from home, we tend to be less active than before when we at least walked to the train station, office, friends, moving around more.

The impact of staying inside is very negative and restrictive not only on our body but even more on our minds, on the psychological level.

The saying “thinking out of the box” has a very deep sense of truth. Staying long periods inside has a very negative impact on the openness of our thinking, on the possibilities we can take into account, on the creative thinking we can have!

It is not for nothing that Greek philosophers like Platon snd Aristotle were usually doing most of their theories outside, while walking in their gardens.

Many CEOs of big companies, like Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, or Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg used to have meetings while walking. This enables fresh ideas and creative thinking process.

I encourage you, for your physical & mental health, to get outside and reconnect to the nature.

Spend time regularly walking outside! You’ll see the benefits

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