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The art of re-coding your brain

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Our brain is the software that operates our hardware, the body. For us to function at our optimal performance, to bring forward all our capacities and potential, both the hardware, the body, and the software, the mind, need to operate at their best, harmoniously together.

The hardware, our body, needs to be taken care of, recharged and sustained to last as long as possible in the best shape. This of course is the subject of an entire article, where I will explain how to re-charge, re-energize and take care of our bodies, so that we experiment life at its best, full of vitality and energy.

What I want to focus on for now is the mind, or as I metaphorically call it here, the software.

When the software is not functioning properly, it impairs the use of the hardware as well, which means other words, when our minds are not at their best, either because of negative thoughts, stress, depression, or limiting beliefs, the body is drained of energy, suffers from the impact on the mind on its energy and vitality.

As for the machines that we have created, omputers, phones and others IT products, for which the softwares require regular updates, so it is for us, humans and our own softwares, our minds. We regularly need to revisit and update our own internal softwares.

We stay for far too long with old ways of seeing the world, with old negative ideas that became habitual patterns, that do not serve us anymore.

When we do not regularly review our mindset, our ideas, ways of functioning and seeing the outside world, we risk of getting stuck with an "expired" software that does not serve us anymore. We get in the so called "comfort zone", in a way of living our life at a lower level instead of the optimal performance and potential we can live at.

What does it mean to update our own softwares or to re-code our brains?

It means to regularly review the ideas we have. Yes, we are not our thoughts and ideas.

We can take a distance from them, and start reviewing if the thoughts that we generally think and express are positive or negative, if they are uplifting, inspiring, or rather pessimistic, mediocre, repetitive.

What kind of thoughts and views on ourselves, others and circumstances around us do we have on a regular basis? Is this forming a pattern of thinking in a certain way and maybe sabotaging us?

I invite you each evening to review the thoughts, ideas and views you had during the day and let go of all the thoughts that do not serve your highest potential. As we brush our teeth, clean ourselves each day, so we need to clean and review our thoughts and ideas. For those who like writing, it is excellent to keep a journal and note down your thoughts and ideas. Writing has a whole impact on re-coding our brain. Otherwise, for an easy to adapt practice, just review your thoughts and ideas while brushing your teeth and getting to bed.

Once we do this on a regular basis we will see the benefits of this practice. Here are the 3 key benefits of regularly reviewing our thoughts and mental space:

  1. We become more conscious about how we think and view the world around us

  2. We clean the mental space of ideas and thoughts that do not serve us (self critics, judging of others or of your own life circumstances, blaming, stressful thoughts, fearful thoughts, limiting beliefs about yourself and your capacities, about your professional area, relationships, about prosperity etc...). Clearly set the intention to let go of these negative thoughts, stress, fears etc...

  3. We make space for new ideas and mindsets that are more inspiring, that are empowering and serve us

This practice is meant to shift the way we live our life, from survival and automatic pilot, reactivity, to truly living our life at a more conscious level, in creation instead of reaction. We will start recoding our brains and own lives.

Please share your experiences with this practice and the impact in your life.

With love and consciousness,


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