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New Year. New Start

Starting a new year feels like a field of new possibilities opening before us. It has something magical, where hopes and dreams come together and make us believe that a change is possible. A hope that the new year will be different and that our dreams come true.

However, how many of us, went through these moments, year after year, just to realise that as the days and months pass by, despite our true hope and belief and hard work, the reality remains the same and we are still behaving in the same old ways and facing the same old struggles and difficulties to realise our dreams.

How many times have you experiences this?

What do we need to really create the life we want and live in line with our dreams and visions of ourselves?

The new year is indeed, fresh, new and full of infinite possibilities. It is like a new empty page on which we can start writing and drawing the most beautiful vision of our life. What is not new is us, our own beings, the way we think, feel and behave. The past with all the events, inner states, memories, beliefs, thoughts and feelings we had, is there, well engraved in us. This is what keeps us from creating something totally new and fresh on the empty pages of the new year.

It is very difficult to erase the imprints, clichés, memories, disempowering beliefs, way of feeling, thinking and perceiving the world.

To be able to start new, we need a change of mindset and a conscious look at how we function.

In previous articles I wrote on my social media I have explained how important it is that before we start a new year, we consciously review the year that ends, in order to understand what worked well, what blocked us and is not serving us any more. This is like an internal cleaning process, that allows us to distill the lessons of the past and let go of old patterns that are not aligned with the future we want to create.

In our day to day life, we have clear examples of the utility of such cleaning that needs to be done. We all know for example that before starting to cook something new, we need the pots and pans to be washed and clean before putting something else to be cooked. Or that in our house we keep all that is of value, but old wilted flowers, dust and rotten old things that are not of value anymore are being thrown away.

Nevertheless, we do not see the need to do such cleaning and revisions internally. We keep all our old, dusty thoughts, feelings and beliefs going on.

Thus, before starting to create our new year, we need to get ready internally to receive it and to prepare a new space to receive its gifts.

Only once this process is done, we can start creating our new vision for the year ahead.

In my next blog post I will share with you the canvas I use to create my vision for the new year.

Start fresh my friends, draw on the new blank canvas of the new year your most beautiful dreams for your best life yet! Let yourself be renewed and transformed.

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