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How conscious are you of your social media behaviour?

I have recently disconnected from social media, taking time for me to connect with myself, to rest, relax and recenter.

I will get back on the topic of connecting with one self and strategies to use when surfing some difficult waves in our life.

Today I want to talk to you about social media, how are we using it and the impact in our life.

I have recently watched the Social Dilemma movie on Netflix and reflected on how it impacts ourselves.

I remember when we were travelling in China 12 years ago and we were shocked to see everybody in the metros absorbed into their screens. It was something new for us at that time! Flash forward in Europe and all around the globe now and the scene is the same everywhere, not only in the metros but in restaurants and especially our homes.

How many of us wake up in the morning checking up on their phones, their facebook, insta accounts, mails and news? How many of us, end us their days in bed checking their phones and all the apps again?

Not to mention how many of us, just lay in the livingrooms after work, completely absorbed by their screens....and time passes by very fast, as you’ll just think I’ll quickly check my FB or Insta and end up 1h later having done just that, going from picture to picture, scrolling comments and people.

If we would say I’ll read this book for just 15 min or go for a run for just 30 min, of course we would contemplate our time management & motivation much more!

I urge you to have a critical look at your social media/ phone behaviour and be conscious of it. Decide how much and what exactly you want to see, for how long. If it helps you can even put a timer to take note and control the time you spend.

How many hours of your life will it be absorbed into checking your phone and how much do you want to really live your own life?

What makes you more addictive?

For me it is Instagram, as when I need a pick me up or inspiration, I will go through Insta and get inspired by some people I follow or beautiful pictures. However, it is difficult to control time and sometimes I see that both me and my husband are siting next yo each other scrolling through our phones.

Be conscious, make your life count and fill it with beautiful memories, instead of looking at other’s pictures! 💖

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