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A journey of thousands miles begins with one step

According to the wise Lao Tzu, who originated this beautiful Chinese proverb, in order to travel a thousand miles, one needs to start with a single step. Then another one and so on...

This is a beautiful image of how coaching works as well, bringing you to your final destination in an efficient and beautiful way, step after step.

As an image is worth 1000 words, the image of a carriage expresses very well what coaching is and the origin of the name "coaching" itself. The word coach originates from the 18th century word "coach" that stands for a horse drawn carriage that was bringing people from a point A to a point B. Nowadays, a coach also represents a railway carriage or a comfortably equipped single-decker bus used for longer journeys.

This is exactly the essence of coaching: bringing you from point A (your current situation) in your life to point B (future vision, goal, desired situation), whatever that might be: mindset, business, career, relationships, etc.

Through the coaching techniques, the thought provoking questions and awareness creation, coaching expands your comfort zone, explores and clarifies your values and beliefs, creating clarity on the action plan that will move you forward and take you to where you want to be in your life.

Only through a clear alignment with your values and purpose, action and concrete steps forward, one after the other, you can start shaping your future the way you want and arrive at your final destination. Start being a true creator of your life.

Take your first step to an inspiring and fulfilling life!

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