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3 Ways to increase positive emotions

"The way to overcome negative thoughts and destructive emotions is to develop opposing, positive emotions that are stronger and more powerful." Dalai Lama

During this specific time of covid-19, when we feel anxiety, fear, stress we can easily feel paralysed, stuck, unable to see a way out. This can get us into a survival mode response by either:

👉fighting it (becoming nervous, aggressive, judging...)

👉running away from the situation by ignoring how we feel, saying all is “fine”, avoiding to face it

👉getting into a freezing mode by not knowing how to respond, not having clarity, being overwhelmed

How can we respond to negative emotions in a conscious way?

Here are some tips to help you feel more empowered and equipped to face such situations:

☀️ Gratitude

Practice gratitude daily. Remember your happy moments, say thank you often and reconnect daily with those moments you are grateful for. You can keep a written journal, look at your photos that help you recall those happy moments, listen to music that takes you to those moments...whatever works best for you.

☀️Connect with those dear to you

During this period when we are isolating, this becomes even more important to stay connected. Call and check up on your family and friends regularly. Keep your connections with others alive, to support yourself and the others you love.

☀️Cultivate energy awareness

Look at your activities, thoughts and emotions, people you connect with and assess which ones are giving you energy and which ones are draining you of energy. It is very important to do this regularly, as part of a healthy check up. Based on your results, engage more frequently in those activities, thoughts & emotions, people connections that energise you and make you feel more empowered and alive and reduce the others.

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