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In 2023

Step Into Your New Life

This is an exceptional program to support you during the first 12 days of 2023 to create a powerful blueprint, design your life and awaken your higher powers. 

About this program

According to the esoteric tradition, the first 12 days of the new year are very powerful and each represents one month of the new year.


The way we live each of these days, will leave energetic imprints on yourself and your new year.


For more than 15 years I live the first 12 days of each new year with a sacred consciousness, in the most inspiring and magic way, creating blueprints to live the rest of my year in joy, abundance, happiness and higher possibilities.

The successes, abundance and amazing path my life has been on, it is in great deal due to this practice.


I invite you to join me in this program, as I will guide you to live these first days of 2023 with a higher consciousness, generate higher inspiring and creative thoughts, deep beautiful emotions and set powerful positive acts for you and the people around you.

Image de Marlon Michelle Corado

1 - 12 January

Each day we will work together with like minded individuals in a growth container, to shape and architect your new year and start writing on the first page of 2023 a new chapter of your life.

The concept is the following: each day of the first 12 days of January are each corresponding energetically to a month in the new year, holding its blueprints.


In some ancestral traditions, people put plant seeds in 12 different bowls and assign them to each month, predicting how good each month will be....

1 Jan = January

2 Jan = February

3 Jan = March

4 Jan = April


We will do this for your year and launch the year in a conscious and magical way.


We will cover:

  • Close up any incompletions left over from 2022 that can drain energy

  • Distill 2022 lessons

  • Clarify and create your highest intentions for the new year and your life

  • Energy work

  • Dismantle limiting beliefs that hold you back

  • Assess your inner saboteurs and understand how they hold you back

  • Discover your own super powers and ways to enhance them

  • Work with your highest self, your optimal template

  • and soo MUCH MORE....

Sessions of 1h each day, LIVE and available in REPLAY afterwards.

Sharing space on Facebook growth community.

Step Into Your New Life

Don't miss this amazing offer and this possibility to create your new year in a positive vortex of energy and transformation 


12 days of magically creating your new year   111€

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