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Nicoleta Codrea

I help high-potential women to contribute at a higher level to our world,

shining their unique potential,

living an inspiring and fulfilling life,

by shifting them from self-sabotage to their superpowers,

rewiring their brain to a higher consciousness, happiness and success with neuroscience techniques, energy work and aromatherapy. 



Meet Your Future Self

and get access to

instant wisdom and insights for your life

  • Rise from survival, self-sabotage and living at 50% to thriving and sh...
  • Rise to your full potential, elevate yourself to your higher level and...


Trusted Coaching Professional

I am a professional coach certified in Consciousness Coaching since 2015, coaching individuals, leaders, groups and teams in corporate and non-corporate environment since then. 


In order to maximise my coaching impact and have a holistic view on the human potential,   I integrate my work as a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in my coaching approach. I use essential oils to enhance vitality, balance emotions and work with rebalance, clean and enhance energies via Reiki therapy.  

My passion is to awaken consciousness and elevate human potential to its highest levels, so that we can live aligned, inspired, beautiful lives at individual, societal and planetary levels.


I coach people who are searching for more authenticity, alignment, light and meaning in their life. I help them find their true essence, build up courage and a higher presence, so that they start living a deeply meaningful life. 


Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. 


Start elevating your mind, consciousness and vitality to contribute to your highest level in this life.


Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.

Nicoleta found the positive spirit in me, helping me get through a difficult period of my life

She really helped me a lot to go through a difficult period in my personal life, and a blurry period in my career. I will miss our coaching sessions and really hope to have some contacts with her again. 

I remember one day I arrived at the office in Brussels, very sad, tired, with no energy. My day started with the coaching and I left it in a very positive mood, full of energy… Thanks to my coaching! 

She really put forward the positive spirit in me! I will keep in mind all the closure nuggets for the future!

Sophie D., Project Manager

I know myself better now

I have the general tendency to accept tasks in an optimistic way, believing that I will be able to tackle them within the requested time. This was adding extra stress and made me loose the bigger perspective.  Even with re-prioritisation there was an additional stress that kept lingering. I understood my tendencies and rewired my brain for integrity, clarity and higher picture vision. Another lesson I learned during the coaching was to be able to say that I need help on a certain job. This does not decrease my capacity of doing things or my self-confidence, on the contrary it enables me to tackle and successfully complete the task. I shouldn’t be afraid of asking for help when needed. I have to praise Nicoleta’s capacity to continue to challenge me during the coaching. This was a strong enabler to know me better. 

Alexandra, Client Manager

I am less judgmental, I am more vocal and I am able to step back before reacting

The coaching program helped me to go beyond my limitations and my current thinking patterns!
It is a great learning for me that I will apply in my life: check what’s the issue, clarify the issue, ask questions and then establish what I can do. 
G. T., Funds Manager


“Whatever your trials, remind yourself that you are a spirit and are capable of changing your destiny.” 


Want to hear more about how I can transform your life? Contact me today to schedule a session.

Tel: 0032 493 49 83 54

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